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Ivana Nobilo

Knowledge, talent and more than 20 years of experience considerably complicates shortening her biography. More than a decade, Ivana is involved in public relations, with an emphasis on internal and crisis communication. She has a wealth of experience in conducting comprehensive diagnostics and improving communication and decision making models which she has been developing herself. Through research, diagnostics and training for both companies and individuals, Ivana’s goal is to combine scientific and alternative techniques. Increasingly the world is embrasing a holistic approach in all aspects of our life. In addition to communication, she has over ten years of experience in other marketing communications, but specialty is marketing turning to the woman as the consumer (Femvertising), Brand Experience and latest innovation-based researches and trends.

Although she stands out with her organizational, analytical and communicational skills, she shows her creative side by teaching, constructing trainings, developing concepts, even writing lyrics to songs. There is also a spiritual side to her, besides having a hypnotherapist degree, she has been studying crystals, numerology, feng shui, reiki, conscious diet and other numerous techniques for years. With University postgraduated diploma in Marketing of special areas and graduated diploma as Market Communication Specialist, in the next few years, this nature and sport enthusiast, a wife and a mother, will also dedicate part of her time to PhD.