Prenosimo vam priopćenje Johna Daltona, direktora London School of Public Relations Worldwide, o poplavama koje su pogodile regiju.

“I was very distressed to learn about the catastrophic floods that have swept large parts of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. I was shocked to witness the extent of the devastation in the region and the loss of life and property damage. Although LSPR can do little by itself to help given the magnitude, I would simply and sincerely like to express my emotional support for this region, which I love so much for its people, the beauty of its landscape and its chance of a future. All of us at LSPR will pray for a speedy recovery and hope that the correct agencies come to help in good time.”

John Dalton

Priopćenje na stranicama LSPR Worldwidea dostupno je na ovom linku.