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Ivana Nobilo

I am a Management Consultant and Executive Trainer with international experience and clients from 25 countries of the world. I am also an author, researcher, college level lecturer and motivational speaker. I hold a PhD degree in Marketing Management and have over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience.

For the last ten years I have acquired a broad experience in conducting comprehensive diagnostics, initiating changes in organisational behaviour, developing diversity and inclusion programs as well as in creating personal transformation. I promote the type of culture where the right people are at the right place, they are autonomous in carrying out the tasks and have the authority to make decisions and take risks, regardless of the size of the organisation. Such approach fosters an entrepreneurial culture, which I believe is essential to enable companies to survive and thrive in the world of constant change.

With deep marketing management expertise and broad experience in go-to-market strategy, organisation design and leadership effectiveness I am mostly helping companies to solve issues, create market value, maximise growth and improve business performance by developing various strategies and programmes. It is always important to have both great external strategy and plan but also functional internal system which supports external actions. That is how I got from marketing consultancy to organisational design as second business’ pillar. In order to make internal system work most of the time you need some changes in organisational behaviour, so developing trainings as well as creating personal transformation with senior level executives was logical third pillar.

As an entrepreneur I had got a few start-ups of the ground, made those successful businesses. One of those was full service marketing agency which has been ranked for events and public relations on the territory of ex You (25 mil. people market) in just two years. With my team, I have organised and produced some of the biggest concerts, sports events, DVDs, CDs, having opportunity to collaborate with names global brands in entertainment and sport industry. I had leading some crisis communication cases, of which one is still lectured in Croatian business schools as best study case, had leading various marketing campaigns up to $2,5 mil. budget and similar. I sold a few business concepts and ideas that are still living on the market.

As a colleague I am a nature leader, self-motivated, extremely well organised and cooperative. As a person, I am always searchings for and working on deeper understanding of people, processes and causes, constantly am hungry for knowledge and still have super strong will for making changes.I am crazy about sports, food and travels, but have many other different points of interests, too. I believe in holism and dualism and that all the answers are waiting for us on the spots where two or more areas of expertise are overlapping.

At the moment, I live in London with my husband and two kids, but traveling quite a bit for a work.